WSOP Main Event

And the winner of the Twitter retweet day-in-the-life contest is nick pappagiorgio took Nick to my famous foot, spa how’d, you like it 9 out of 10 only because the ceiling was about ready to fall in, but we’ll get a 9 out of 10, but it didn’t fall. It nope so 10 out of 10. Now, let’s go to rollin smoke and get some great barbecue yeah the World Series of Poker $ 10,000 main event day 2.

We bagged up 90,000 coming back to a pretty good table draw overall, but we happen to have the worst C possible with the two most accomplished: players in seat six and seven when I’m in seat five. So we’re gonna open a little tighter but call the Recreational is a little looser still gon na stick with our no three bet strategy unless absolutely necessary. Small ball survival, slow and steady accumulation is the goal. My intention is to bag 200,000. It’S bagged and tagged with blinds at 300, 600 of the 100 ante under the gun raises it to 1400, I’m in the cutoff with pocket aces the best hand ever created we’re gon na stick with the zero percent.

Three bet game plan and just trap instanteft casinos canada. These fools, especially like this spot because of the strength of the under the gun raised and the two most aggressive and seasoned pros on my left. So I put in the 1400 Triple Draw champion on the button, makes it 4,800 off of a 28k stack action folds to the under the gun player, and he makes it 15,000. I can’t believe this situations working out. I can’t believe about a five aces. The question is, should I just flat, or should I shove all in and look discouraged, try to pick up the alleged pot?

I decided a show of looks best. I could rep like ace king Jack’s, queen something like that. So I show up all in having them. Both covered under the gun started the hand with 50,000 button puts in the call under the gun, looks very perturbed and folds, which he later claims his pocket. Jacks the flop comes jack and he curses his luck.

The turn is a four and the river is a nine. The button says yes slaps his hands together and wins. Seventy some thousand chip pot.

We now have just over fifty thousand with blinds at 300 600. I’M under the gun, with ace queen of clubs, make it 1300 old recreational calls and other player calls in the cutoff and the button an accomplice German GTO bot makes it six thousand. I have 47,000 to start the hand. I think jamming will be a little bit too much.

Folding will be a little too weak, but calling is just right. We put in the call old guy, folds and cut off calls. The flop comes Queen 9 for one club. I check cut off check button.

Bets 10000 with 40,000 behind think our options are call or Jam. I don’t really want to continue the hand out of position against a competent German, a lot of bad run outs, King Jack, 10, all scare cards, so I shove all in for 40,000. Putting my main event, life at risk, the cutoff tanks and eventually folds jacks, and the German snap calls he shows ace Queen off suit. We have a free roll.

The turn is a brick and the rivers of brick and we chop it up slight profit with blinds at 300, 600 100 ansi action folds to me in the cutoff I looked down and to black Kings and make it 1,300 the button the villain with the Queen Queen that double up earlier three bets to 4500, I started this hand with 50000 and I’m licking my chops. We’Re gon na stay aggressive and really put the pressure on this probably wide button 3 bet, so I make it 13,000. He thinks for a while and puts in the call thinking no ace on the flop. Let’S get it in the flop comes five five deuce rainbow. I bet a meager 10,000 setting up a turn jam.

He puts in the call he’s gon na continue with all of his pocket pairs here, maybe even some ace highs. The turn is an off suit. Queen I have 27,000 behind and I shove all in hopefully, he’ll call us off with ace Queen pocket jacks pocket 10. Something like that he puts in the call, and he shows pocket aces, the rivers of brick and we are out of the World Series of Poker $ 10,000 main event.

Once again, extending my record to over 13 feels good to run good in the most important event of the year. See you guys next time well, Jeff. Sadly, your record is still improving over 13 another year.

Another $ 10,000 contributed to the Main Event champion. The devastation is palpable the brutal journey to get to day two becomes unwarranted on. I met a loss for words, but you know sometimes just not meant to be. I played great and that’s all I can do. You are starting today with like a 90k stack and what happened: yeah 90k.

150 blinds to start the day. It’S going with a real small ball approach, just waiting for premium hands, no blocking I’m a horrible bluffer. I’Ve learned from the past no more bluffing.

So I picked up aces. Flatted arrays got the squeeze. I wanted got the for bed. I wanted my five bedroom. I got the call from Queens got the fold from Jax the rivers, the straight you know bad beat whatever trapped him good for 70,000.

So there goes half my stack and then the same guy that had the Queens got me with aces verse. My Kings cut, offers button and just unavoidable that’s broken in case. You guys didn’t know. This is the one the only Kevin Mathers, but everyone knows me has kept Matt on Twitter.

So if you’re not follow me on Twitter, you know you’re, probably Jeff. You know follow me on Twitter, it as well. You know I provide all sorts of Poker information for the masses and all sorts of answer pretty much.

Every question people ask me even the ones that they ask me need repeatedly. I also ask answer every time. Cap math is the man behind the World Series of Poker Twitter account. So any questions you ask or tweet at WSOP he handles every single one of them, probably close to 10,000 this summer. If I said about right that sounds about right.

I mean I don’t answer. Every I mean I’m not answering and all the tweets are not from me there’s, I would say 98 % or might come from me. But there’s a couple are people, but I try to answer all the easy questions and I’ll. Let someone else answer the hard stuff.

His service is invaluable. He works very hard at all. Hours of the night, he’ll usually respond in a few minutes. Dm him follow him and you know I’m not asking for donations, but if you just give him a dollar per question, ask that’s 10,000 more dollars in his pocket.

He could play the main event every year or just eat like a king every night because he works. Okay, I look like I eat like a king, though I don’t you got to enjoy the pleasures of life. Yes, that’s true.

I appreciate that. We appreciate what you do. Kev math make sure you follow him on Twitter at Kevin WSOP, calm during the summer and say hi when you see him in the hallway he’s always here.

The other thing that hurts about busting the mane is having to text 10 to 20 people to let them know that you’re no longer in your friends, family investors, they’re all rooting for you and you got ta tell them the bad news. I guess it would hurt. Worse, if I felt I played bad but played tight, aggressive, not too out of line and that’s all you can really do at the end of the day. So let’s go get some Lotus of Siam and enjoy life a little bit. Destinee think things can’t get any worse.

My air conditioning stops blowing cold air. It’S 113 degrees out doing the drive of shame so we’re doing a detour to the dealership. So they can get this shit fixed.