About Us

HD Publishing B.V. has recently opened its own development studio, Most Wanted Entertainment, based in Budapest, Hungary.

Most Wanted Entertainment KFT (MWE) consists of 3 departments all “pushing the barriers” in their respective areas – PC, Mobile and New Technology.

The first project to come out of MWE will be Joint Task Force on PC, due for launch in 2006, which will be published by HD Publishing and distributed on a worldwide basis by Vivendi Universal Games. The development team working on this title remains unchanged.

MWE has placed great focus on developing new technology for both existing and next generation platforms including amongst others PC, Xbox 360, NDS and mobile. The future will see many exciting projects emerge from this talented, innovative and forward thinking studio.

“We are very happy to have taken this next step forward in our company’s growth and are very excited about the potential that MWE presents us with for future projects”, said Mike Horneman, Managing Director of HD Publishing B.V.